XTAR 30 AMP 18650 2100mAh Battery with Sony VTC4 Cell - Flat Top

XTAR 30 AMP 18650 2100mAh Battery with Sony VTC4 Cell - Flat Top

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This XTAR branded, Sony VTC4, 2100mAh, 30 amp high discharge, 18650 battery is the ultimate choice for the e-cig and vape customer. XTAR has an excellent reputation in the industry for building best-in-class chargers, and they've partnered with Sony to provide a great battery for use with your mod, personal vaporizer, or e-cigarette. These VTC4 cells are available in either flat-top or button-top configuration.

If you're a sub-ohm vaper, this is your product of choice. They have a max charge of 4.25 volts, and a discharge cutoff at 3.4 volts (no load voltage). This is a 3.7 volt rated Lithium Ion battery. With their safe Hybrid chemistry, they are unprotected cells, and will provide the punch that vapers want. The VTC4s are the most sought-after battery on the market, and with the XTAR name on them, you can buy and sell with confidence!

- Battery - Manufacturers Part Number: SONY-VTC4-18650-2100MAH-FLAT - Country of origin: China


Brand Xtar

Battery Size 18650

Chemistry Li-Ion

Voltage 3.7V

Shelf Life 3 Years

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