6V / 12Ah Sealed Lead Acid Battery with F2 (1/4" or 0.250") Terminals - UB6120-D5778

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Batteries.com sealed lead acid batteries are high-quality, deep-discharge recovery batteries. They are sealed, maintenance-free, easy handling and economical qualities make these long shelf life units perfect for your high-tech use.

Also called: 6120, 12-631, BP10-6, BP12-6, BP8-6, CF6V8, CFM6V10, CFM6V12.5, CP6120 F2, D5778, DG6-10, DJW6-10, DJW6-12, ES10-6, ES12-6, GH6100, GP6110, GP6120, GP690, GS028, GS32R2, HE6V12.7, JC6100, LC-R0612P, LCR6V10BP, LCR6V12P, LP6-10 T2, LP6-12 T2, LP6-12-T2, NP10-6, NP12-6, NPX50, PC6100, PE6V10, PE6V12F1, PK6120, PS-6100, PS-6100-F2, PX06120, RB6100, RBC52, SLA-10-6/T25, SP6-12HR-T2, TR12-6A, UB6120, UB6120-F2, WP10-6, WP12-6S, UB6120F2, 6120F2, Universal Battery UB6120 F2, 


  • This battery has F2 Terminals - also called 1/4" terminals, number 250 terminals, or .250 terminals - because the width of each terminal is 1/4" (0.250").
  • One of the top batteries used for emergency lighting


Chemistry: Sealed Lead Acid
Color: Black
Voltage: 6
mAh: 12000 (12 Ah)
Terminal: F2 (1/4" or 0.250" wide tabs)
Product Height: 3.82 inches
Product Length: 5.94 inches
Product Width: 1.94 inches
Weight: 5 pounds
Warranty: 1 Year Warranty