Ultralast 2 in 1 Braided 8 pin & USB Micro Cable | CEL-2N1CBL-G

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Dual 8 Pin & Micro USB Outputs

High end Aluminum Encased Splitter for Extra Strength

No Tangle Metallic Gold Braided Cable, Solid Feel, Great Quality, Cable ends are injection fixed. Wires will not pull out of cable ends like cheaply made cables.  Better than cheap plastic. Made to last!

Charges on IOS 8 Pin &/or one Micro USB Device alone or at the same time.

No more carrying around 2 cables. One does it all.




Dimensions: 4.5ft long
Outputs: 8 pin/Micro USB/USB
Type:  Meallic Gold Braided Cable
Warranty: 1 year warranty
Protection Features: Max 3 Ah current