12V / 1.3Ah Sealed Lead Acid Battery with F1 (.187in) Terminals - UB1213 - D5738

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UPG Battery 12V 1.3Ah Sealed Lead Acid Battery Rechargeable AGM for Solar Applications, UPS Backup, and Medical Mobility

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Batteries.com offers a variety of high quality sealed lead acid (SLA) batteries. These unique batteries are used in a variety of applications such as computer systems, exit signs, emergency lighting, scooters, industrial/medical equipment, and wheelchairs. These batteries are also ideal for solar applications, UPS Backup, and medical mobility!

This specific battery is classified as an AGM battery or Absorbent Glass Mat, using technology that assures superior battery performance. AGM batteries are valve-regulates, spill proof, and are safely used in any position.

Common uses for the UB1213 battery: game decoy's, invisible pet fences, small toys, game feeder's, underwater fish finders, electronic gate doors, and more!

Battery Specifications
  • Type (Chemistry): AGM, Sealed Lead Acid
  • Capacity: 1.3Ah
  • Voltage: 12V
  • Length: 3.82 in.
  • Height: 2.28 in.
  • Terminal Type: F1
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • NOTE: SLA (AGM and Gel Cell) batteries ship via UPS Domestic (USA) ONLY.

Note: This products ships with F1 Terminal unless otherwise specified. Terminal adapters are available for purchase. Contact us today to order!

Key Benefits
  • Excellent performance and ability to endure high current output and deep cycling.
  • Greater resistance to vibrations, shock, chemicals and heat.
  • Higher cranking amps and lower self discharge.
  • Leak resistant.
  • Electrolyte is suspended in fiberglass mat separators, which act as absorbent sponges.
  • Maintenance free.
  • Fits into Security Systems: Protection One BT0010N, Technacell EDC204, 8408001214, DEW, DL2, Innovonics M2PS, ME4, NAPCO Alarms BAT602, POWER 10, POWER 20 
  • Fits into Emergancy Lighting: National Power GT008T3, Douglas Guardian DG12-1.2, Technicell EP1212.