Tenergy LSD D Centura 8000 mAh 2-Pack Blister Card

Tenergy LSD D Centura 8000 mAh 2-Pack Blister Card

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Tenergy Low Self-Discharge (LSD) Batteries are a combination of a rechargeable and a disposable battery. Since Tenergy LSD batteries have a low self-discharge, the battery loses its charge very slowly. Once charge, however, an LSD battery retains its charge even if you store it for 1 or 2 years. In comparison to a disposable battery, the Tenergy LSD battery can be used over hundreds of times, saving the environment and your wallet. Just one Tenergy LSD battery saves the waste and cost of 999 disposable batteries. This Tenergy LSD D cell battery is great for any high-drain application which requires D size batteries, replacing most disposable batteries in flashlights, lanterns, radio receivers, transmitters, speaker systems, toys, and more. - Rechargeable Battery - Manufacturers Part Number: 10107 - Country of origin: China


Brand Tenergy

Battery Size D

Chemistry Ni-MH

Voltage 1.2V

Shelf Life 4-6 Years

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