Tenergy D NiMh Battery

Tenergy D NiMh Battery

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This battery has a super high capacity of 10,000 mAh and is a D sized NiMH Battery at 1.2V. It can last up to twice as long as ordinary Ni-Cd rechargeable batteries, has an excellent cycle life (can be recharged from up to 1,000 times), sports memory free operation, can be quickly charged at a 1 C rate with an auto cut-off device or charged at a standard rate at 1,000 mA current for 12 hours. The Tenergy D battery is ideal for power intensive devices such as radios, scooters, and RC cars. - Rechargeable Battery - Manufacturers Part Number: 10103-1 - Country of origin: China


Brand Tenergy

Battery Size D

Chemistry Ni-MH

Voltage 1.2V

Shelf Life 4-6 Years