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Tadiran Lithium LITH-15 Tadiran - TL-2300/S

$ 27.95

Tadiran Lithium LITH-15 Tadiran - TL-2300/S

Tadiran Lithium LITH-15 Tadiran - TL-2300/S

$ 27.95


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Tadiran Lithium LITH-15 Tadiran - TL-2300/S


Length (inches) 2.4

Width (inches) 0

Warranty Solder Tabs

Product Class

  • Allen Bradley - 1770-XO, Allen Bradley - 1771-PI, Allen Bradley - 1772-ME4, Allen Bradley - 1772-ME8, Allen Bradley - 1775-ME(E2/A), Allen Bradley - 1775-ME4 (E2/A), Allen Bradley - 1775-MR4(E2/A), Allen Bradley - 1775-MR8(E2/A), Allen Bradley - Mini-PLC-2, Allen Bradley - Mini-PLC-2/15, Allen Bradley - PLC-2, Allen Bradley - PLC-220, Allen Bradley - PLC-230, Allen Bradley - PLC-3(E2/A), Allen Bradley - PLC-3/10(E2/A), Allen Bradley - Mini-PLC-2/30 Tadiran - 15-5130-21500, Tadiran - TL-2300/S, Banner Engineering - BWA-BATT-001

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