Sony Laptop Compatible Li-Ion Battery - RFNLS501

$ 29.99

Sony Laptop Compatible Li-Ion Battery - RFNLS501

$ 29.99

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If you need to stay productive on the go, then keep the power and work flowing with a premium lithium ion (Li-Ion) laptop battery. We stock notebook batteries made with the finest cells and components, giving you both quality and lasting power for your Sony notebook.


  • Premium quality cells
  • 100% compatible with original equipment
  • Extremely lightweight and light on the pocketbook
  • No Memory Effect
  • Li-Ion has less impact on the environment than nickel based chemistries


Chemistry: Li-Ion
Color: Blue
mAh: 2200
Voltage: 11.1
Warranty: 1 Year Warranty
Watt Hours: 24.42

Fits Into

  • Sony C1MW
  • Sony PCG-AM532UPKIT
  • Sony Vaio 505F
  • Sony Vaio 505FX
  • Sony Vaio 505G
  • Sony Vaio 505TR
  • Sony Vaio 505TS
  • Sony Vaio 505TX
  • Sony Vaio N505
  • Sony Vaio N505VE
  • Sony Vaio N505VX
  • Sony Vaio PCG-505F
  • Sony Vaio PCG-505FX
  • Sony Vaio PCG-505G
  • Sony Vaio PCG-505GX
  • Sony Vaio PCG-505TR
  • Sony Vaio PCG-505TS
  • Sony Vaio PCG-505TX
  • Sony Vaio PCG-F505G
  • Sony Vaio PCG-F505GX
  • Sony Vaio PCG-N505VE
  • Sony Vaio PCG-N505VX
  • Sony Vaio PCG505
  • Sony Vaio PCG505SCTO15
  • Sony Vaio PCG505TRCTO1
  • Sony Vaio PCG505TRCTO2
  • Sony Vaio PCG505TSCTOG
  • Sony Vaio PCG505TXCTOF
  • Sony Vaio PCG505XCTO14
  • Sony Vaio PCGN505VECTO1
  • Sony Vaio PCGN505VECTO2
  • Sony Vaio PCGN505VXCTO1
  • Sony Vaio PCGN505VXCTO2

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