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Scanner Battery EBS-BP250 Replaces Uniden BP120 BP150 BP180 BP250

$ 24.99

Scanner Battery EBS-BP250 Replaces Uniden BP120 BP150 BP180 BP250

Scanner Battery EBS-BP250 Replaces Uniden BP120 BP150 BP180 BP250

$ 24.99


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Scanner Battery EBS-BP250 Replaces Uniden BP120 BP150 BP180 BP250 SC-150 SC-180 SC-200 BC-220 BC-230 BC-235XLT BC-245SLT BC-250D BC-296D

Scanner Battery EBS-BP250 is the ideal replacement battery for many specific Uniden Scanner models. Our factory fresh aftermarket replacement batteries are made from high quality parts and will meet and exceed OEM specifications at a discounted price.

Fits and replaces: Uniden BC120, BC120XLT, BC220, BC-220, BC220XLT, BC230, BC-230, BC230XLT, BC235, BC235XLT, BC-235XLT, BC236XLT, BC245, BC-245SLT, BC245XLT, BC246XLT, BC250D, BC-250D, BC296D, BC-296D, BEARCAT, BP1000, BP120, BP-120, BP150, BP1600, BP180, BP-180, BP250, BP-250, RS PRO90, SC150, SC-150, SC160, SC180, SC-180, SC1809, SC200, SC-200, SPORTCAT

    • Model No: EBS-BP250-U
    • Voltage: 4.8V
    • Amperage: 1200 mAh
    • Chemistry: NiMH (Nickel Metal Hydride)

    Need more than one Scanner Battery EBS-BP250 Replaces Uniden BP120 BP150 BP180 BP250?

    Replaces These Model Numbers

    • Bearcat BC120XLT
    • Bearcat BC220XLT
    • Bearcat BC230XLT
    • Bearcat BC235XLT
    • Bearcat BC245XLT
    • Dantona SBP-250
    • Exell Battery EBS-BP250-B
    • Exell Battery EBS-BP250-U
    • Icom IC-T7H
    • Icom ICT22A
    • Icom ICT42A
    • Icom ICT7A
    • Icom ICW31A
    • Icom ICW32A
    • Icom ICZ1A
    • Nascar SC140
    • Nascar SC140B
    • Nascar SC150
    • Nascar SC150B
    • Nascar SC150Y
    • Nascar SC180
    • Nascar SC180B
    • Nascar SC200
    • Radio Shack 20-520
    • Radio Shack Pro-90
    • Sportcat SC140
    • Sportcat SC140B
    • Sportcat SC150
    • Sportcat SC150B
    • Sportcat SC150Y
    • Sportcat SC180
    • Sportcat SC180B
    • Sportcat SC200
    • Trunk Trackers BC250D
    • Trunk Trackers BC296D
    • Uniden BBTY0356001
    • Uniden BC-245SLT
    • Uniden BC120
    • Uniden BC120XLT
    • Uniden BC220
    • Uniden BC220XLT
    • Uniden BC230
    • Uniden BC230XLT
    • Uniden BC235
    • Uniden BC235XLT
    • Uniden BC236XLT
    • Uniden BC245
    • Uniden BC245XLT
    • Uniden BC245XT
    • Uniden BC246XLT
    • Uniden BC250D
    • Uniden BC296D
    • Uniden BEARCAT
    • Uniden BP-150
    • Uniden BP1000
    • Uniden BP120
    • Uniden BP1600
    • Uniden BP180
    • Uniden BP250
    • Uniden RS PRO90
    • Uniden SC150
    • Uniden SC160
    • Uniden SC180
    • Uniden SC1809
    • Uniden SC180B
    • Uniden SC200
    • Uniden SPORT CAT 1800
    • Uniden SPORTCAT
    • Uniden UBC-3300XLT

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