Sanyo Cell Phone Wall/Travel Charger- CWSY8100T

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You cannot afford to be out of touch. í« That is why you need to keep your cell phone ready with one of our AC chargers. í« Our chargers are guaranteed compatible, keeping you connected longer. í« We cannot guarantee you will have a signal, but you will have power for your Sanyo cell phone.

100% Compatible with your original charger
Lightweight and compact
Affordably priced



Color: Black
Warranty: 1 Year Warranty

Fits Into

  • Sanyo Katana
  • Sanyo MM-5600
  • Sanyo MM-7400
  • Sanyo MM-7500
  • Sanyo MM-8300
  • Sanyo MM-9000
  • Sanyo MVP
  • Sanyo RL-2500
  • Sanyo RL-4920
  • Sanyo RL-4930
  • Sanyo RL-7200
  • Sanyo SCP-200
  • Sanyo SCP-2400
  • Sanyo SCP-3100
  • Sanyo SCP-4900
  • Sanyo SCP-5300
  • Sanyo SCP-5400
  • Sanyo SCP-5500
  • Sanyo SCP-6600
  • Sanyo SCP-8100
  • Sanyo SCP-8200
  • Sanyo SCP-8300
  • Sanyo SCP-8400
  • Sanyo SCP-9000
  • Sanyo VI-2300
  • Sanyo VM-4500