Renata Deluxe Watch Battery Starter Kit

Renata Deluxe Watch Battery Starter Kit

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Promote your watch battery replacement service and profitably increase your store traffic by 17%! By offering Renata Swiss quality batteries, you can sell an average of 10 watch batteries per day for $12.50 each and earn annual battery profits exceeding $43,000, plus the profit generated by the additional traffic! The Deluxe Battery Kit contains everything needed to get started, including the perfect mix of 225 assorted popular batteries-46 types covering 99% of sales, Renata's designer 60-drawer organizer display, 2 watch case openers, small Phillips and flat head screwdrivers, battery size selector, plastic tweezers, cross reference guides, inventory control form, watch battery tester, case vice table clamp, scratch brush contact cleaner, spring bar tool and assorted spring bars, rubber gasket assortment, Renata official Traffic Poster and Renata Watch Battery Basics instructional CD! - Battery - Manufacturers Part Number: BESTARTERKIT - Country of origin:


Brand Sy Kessler

Battery Size Assorted

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