RBC7 Batteries with wiring and hardware - UT16CL-B - 12V / 18Ah Sealed Lead Acid UPS Replacement Battery

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Our UPS replacement batteries for APC, Tripplite, Belkin, Cyber Power, Liebert and Exide. High-rate, non-spillable, sealed batteries designed for UPS applications.

This unit comes completely assembled with all wiring and hardware. If you want to reuse your existing wiring and hardware you can purchase Two 12V / 18Ah 12180 Sealed Lead Acid Batteries with Nut and Bolt Terminals for APC RBC7 here and save a few bucks.


  • This set consists of two 12 volt / 18ah batteries connected in series.
  • Due to production demands, delivery may take 7 to 10 days.


Chemistry: Sealed Lead Acid
Color: Black
Product Height: 173 mm
Product Length: 183 mm
Product Width: 152 mm
Warranty: 1 Year Warranty

Fits Into

  • APC 1400
  • APC BP1400X116
  • APC DLA1500
  • APC SmartUps 1250
  • APC SmartUps 1250R
  • APC SmartUps 1250RM
  • APC SmartUps 1400
  • APC SmartUps SU1000XL
  • APC SmartUps SU1000XLNET
  • APC SmartUps SU1250
  • APC SmartUps SU1250RM
  • APC SmartUps SU1400
  • APC SmartUps SU1400BX120
  • APC SmartUps SU1400NET
  • APC SmartUps SU1400VS
  • APC SmartUps SU1400X106
  • APC SmartUps SU1400X145
  • APC SmartUps SU1400X93
  • APC SmartUps SU700XL
  • APC SmartUps SU700XLNET
  • APC SmartUps SUA1500
  • APC SmartUps SUA1500X93
  • APC SmartUps SUA750XL
  • APC SmartUps SUVS1400
  • Dell DL1500

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