RBC12 - 12V / 7.5Ah Sealed Lead Acid UPS Replacement Battery - BDRBC12

$ 189.99

RBC12 - 12V / 7.5Ah Sealed Lead Acid UPS Replacement Battery - BDRBC12

$ 189.99

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Batteries.com UPS replacement batteries for APC, Tripplite, Belkin, Cyber Power, Liebert and Exide. High-rate, non-spillable, sealed batteries designed for UPS applications.


  • This is 2 sets of four 12 volt / 7ah batteries connected in series. Each set registers 24 volts.
  • Due to production demands, delivery may take 7 to 10 days.


Chemistry: Sealed Lead Acid
Color: Black
Product Height: 97 mm
Product Length: 152 mm
Product Width: 254 mm
Warranty: 1 Year Warranty

Fits Into

  • APC NS2200RM3U
  • APC NS3000RM3U
  • APC NS3000RMT3U
  • APC SmartUps SU20000R3X155
  • APC SmartUps SU2200R3X106
  • APC SmartUps SU2200R3X147
  • APC SmartUps SU2200R3X152
  • APC SmartUps SU2200R3X167
  • APC SmartUps SU2200RB3120
  • APC SmartUps SU2200RM13U
  • APC SmartUps SU2200RM3U
  • APC SmartUps SU3000R3BX120
  • APC SmartUps SU3000R3X145
  • APC SmartUps SU3000RM3U
  • APC SmartUps SU3000RMT3U
  • APC SmartUps SU3000RMTX136
  • APC SmartUps SU5000R5T-TF3
  • APC SmartUps SU5000R5TBX120
  • APC SmartUps SU5000R5TBXFMR
  • APC SmartUps SU5000R5XLTXFMR
  • APC SmartUps SU5000RMT5U
  • APC SmartUps SU5000RMT5UXFMR
  • APC SmartUps SU5000RMTXFMR
  • APC SmartUps SU5000RMXLT5U
  • APC SmartUps SU5000T
  • APC SmartUps SU5000TX168
  • APC SmartUps SU5000TXFMR
  • Dell DL2200RM13U
  • Dell DL2200RM3U
  • Dell DL3000RM13U
  • Dell DL3000RM3U
  • Dell DL5000RMT5U

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