Rayovac Lithium CR123A 3V Battery - 1 Pack

Rayovac Lithium CR123A 3V Battery - 1 Pack

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High performance with a long life. Rayovac Lithium Batteries last longer than ordinary alkaline batteries, with higher energy density, wider operating temperature range, and lighter weight. Our lithium 9-volt battery is a consumer-replaceable battery that lasts on average 2 times longer than ordinary alkaline 9V batteries. You can double your family's chance of surviving a house fire by having a working smoke alarm. And using the Rayovac 10-year smoke alarm battery in your ionization smoke detector will give you a working smoke alarm for years! Instantly upgrade all your 9 volt devices with a long-lasting Rayovac 9V Lithium battery! See our FAQ page for a list of 9 volt devices. - Primary Battery - Manufacturers Part Number: RL123A-1 - Country of origin:


Brand Rayovac

Battery Size CR123A

Chemistry Lithium

Voltage 3V

Shelf Life 10 Years

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