Rayovac Heavy Duty 9V Batteries, 6 Pack

Rayovac Heavy Duty 9V Batteries, 6 Pack

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Rayovac Heavy Duty 9V batteries are the perfect choice for powering low-drain devices, including radios, smoke detectors and clocks. The zinc-chloride chemistry is the improved and safer version of the original zinc-carbon, guaranteeing against leaks and damage. Though these 9V batteries are not has powerful as alkaline cells, when used properly, they perform just as well, at half the cost! Sold as a shrink-wrapped set of 6, these batteries take up little counter space. The simple packaging also keeps the batteries together and organized for customers during travel.

- Primary Battery - Manufacturers Part Number: HD-9VD - Country of origin: China


Brand Rayovac

Battery Size 9V

Chemistry Zinc Chloride

Voltage 9V

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