Rayovac Hearing Aid Battery Size 10, 8 Pack

Rayovac Hearing Aid Battery Size 10, 8 Pack

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The worldÌÎ_ÌÎ_̴Ìös longest lasting mercury free hearing aid battery is recommended by 7 of 10 hearing health professionals. It is made with the 2nd generation, mercury free formula with higher voltage for quick start-up. The superior cell design resists swelling & leakage, providing optimal performance and greater consistency. Our longest tab available makes removing the battery from the package and inserting into the device easy. The perforated package allows the dial to be removed for convenient transport and is environmentally friendly. - Primary Battery - Manufacturers Part Number: L10ZA-8ZM - Country of origin: United States


Brand Rayovac

Battery Size 10

Chemistry Zinc Air

Voltage 1.45V

Shelf Life 3 Years

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