Rayovac CRV3 Lithium Photo Battery

Rayovac CRV3 Lithium Photo Battery

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Are you looking for a photo battery on which you can rely? Have an important life event coming up that will require photo documentation? If so, then the CRV3 lithium cell from Rayovac is the best choice. The 3-volt photo battery is compatible with a wide variety of cameras, including those from Olympus and Casio, and offers an incredible 3,000mAh capacity. The CRV3 lasts up to 126 hours of use! Feel secure when ordering in bulk as the battery offers a 7-year shelf life. Please note that each CRV3 is packaged in a retail card and is therefore ideally meant for display in a store or in other commercial settings.

- Primary Battery - Manufacturers Part Number: RLCRV3-1 - Country of origin: China


Brand Rayovac

Battery Size CR-V3

Chemistry Lithium

Voltage 3V

Shelf Life 6-8 Years

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