Rayovac 6 Pack High Energy AA Batteries

Rayovac 6 Pack High Energy AA Batteries

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Advanced High Energy batteries are specifically engineered for use in your high drain devices such as digital cameras, MP3 players, video game controllers and high-powered toys. For those electronics that require extra power, use Advanced High Energy batteries to maximize performance and keep your devices running longer. Features and Benefits AA lasts up to 30% longer than Energizer Max in digital cameras Last as long as Duracell Ultra Power High performance for a lower cost than lithium batteries Guaranteed fresh for 7 years Available in AA and AAA 6-packs - Battery - Manufacturers Part Number: 815-6HEF - Country of origin: United States


Brand Rayovac

Battery Size AA

Chemistry Alkaline

Voltage 1.5V

Shelf Life 6-8 Years

Coin Cell, Button Cell, & Hearing Aid Batteries

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