Rayovac 376/377 Silver Watch/Electronic Battery

Rayovac 376/377 Silver Watch/Electronic Battery

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Rayovac provides you with a full lineup of specialty batteries to meet all of your needs. The Rayovac 376/377 is commonly used in watches, calculators, remote controls, medical devices and much more. You can count on this battery because of its reliable and long-lasting power. Rayovac batteries are known for their high performance and continuous energy, giving your applications longer periods of runtime. They last just as long as the other top brands and are an affordable power source that you can rely on. - Primary Battery - Manufacturers Part Number: 376/377-1ZM - Country of origin: China


Brand Rayovac

Battery Size 376 / 377

Chemistry Silver Oxide

Voltage 1.5V

Shelf Life 4-6 Years

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