Pet Safe Dog Collar Compatible Lithium Battery - DA DC-3

$ 11.95

Pet Safe Dog Collar Compatible Lithium Battery - DA DC-3

$ 11.95

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If you care about your dogs, keep them safe with a fresh battery for their electric fence collar. The electric fence is a great investment for keeping your dogs safe, but it does no good if the battery in the collar is dead. Pick up a fresh, quality-guaranteed battery from


  • Long-lasting lithium power
  • Compatible with Pet Safe brand systems


Chemistry: Lithium
Voltage: 6
Warranty: 1 Year Warranty

Fits Into

  • Innotek RFA-67
  • Innotek RFA-67D-11
  • Pet Safe PBC-102
  • Pet Safe PBC-302
  • Pet Safe PBC00-10677
  • Pet Safe PBC19-10765
  • Pet Safe PBC23-10685
  • Pet Safe PDBC-300
  • Pet Safe PDT24-10792
  • Pet Safe PDT24-10793
  • Pet Safe PIF-275-19
  • Pet Safe PIF-300
  • Pet Safe PIF-300-21
  • Pet Safe PIG00-10674
  • Pet Safe PIG00-10680
  • Pet Safe PIG19-10761
  • Pet Safe PIG19-10764
  • Pet Safe PIG23-10681
  • Pet Safe PIG23-10689
  • Pet Safe RFA-67
  • Pet Safe RFA-67D

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