PANASONIC BR2325 Lithium Coin Cell Battery 1pc

PANASONIC BR2325 Lithium Coin Cell Battery 1pc

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The Panasonic BR2325 Coin Cell Battery is a high energy, high reliability battery often used in calculators, cameras, electronic translators, electronic watches, cordless applications, and as a memory back-up in all types of devices. The flat, round batteries are made with a lithium interior that is more efficient than alkaline models. Panasonic BR2325 batteries have a long shelf life, so order your batteries today and keep a few on hand for whenever you need one.

Replaces BR2325, CR2325, ECR2325, CR 2325, DL2325, SB-T12, K223L, 2300168, 5002LB


Brand Panasonic

Battery Size BR2325

Chemistry Lithium

Voltage 3V

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