Olympus VFB81 NiCd Camcorder Compatible Battery - EMEPP1072 - CAM-844

$ 20.99

Olympus VFB81 NiCd Camcorder Compatible Battery - EMEPP1072 - CAM-844

$ 20.99

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Do not miss precious memories because your battery died. Keep recording with a NiCD battery for your Olympus camcorder. These batteries are built from the finest parts and cells, promising that those special moments will not be lost.


  • High Quality Cells
  • Rechargeable and eco-friendly
  • Affordably priced


Chemistry: NiCd
mAh: 1800
Product Height: 8.75
Product Length: 5.75
Product Width: 2.5
Voltage: 7.2
Warranty: 1 Year Warranty
Watt Hours: 12.96

Fits Into

  • Chinon C8-1003
  • Chinon C8-B33
  • Chinon C8-SC60
  • Chinon C8-SC70
  • Chinon C8-SC80
  • Chinon C8-SC90
  • Nikon Action PRO
  • Nikon VN-800
  • Nikon VN-801
  • Nikon VN-802
  • Nikon VN-803
  • Nikon VN-804
  • Nikon VN-810
  • Nikon VN-H804
  • Nikon VN 3000
  • Olympus BPMAT
  • Olympus BTMTX
  • Olympus VX-801
  • Olympus VX-802 / E
  • Olympus VX-804
  • Olympus VX-H804
  • Olympus WPP-1000
  • Olympus WPP-1500
  • Olympus WPP-5000
  • Panasonic UP10VI.IN

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