MAXELL 377 SR626SW Coin Cell Battery 1pc (Each)

MAXELL 377 SR626SW Coin Cell Battery 1pc (Each)

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This pint-sized battery is primarily used as a watch battery replacement, but can also be used in other small electronics with high current such as calculators, key-less remote entry systems, medical instruments, cameras, and much more. The battery has a shelf life of 5+ years.

Equivalent Battery Types:
Renata 377, Energizer 377, Eveready 377, Maxell SR626SW, Panasonic SR626SW, Sony SR626SW, Toshiba SR626SW, Varta V377, Rayovac 377, Duracel D377, Philips 377, Bulova 606, Citizen 280-39, Seiko SB-AW, Timex BA, IEC SR626SW - Primary Battery - Manufacturers Part Number: MAXELL-377 - Country of origin: Japan


Brand Maxell

Battery Size 377

Chemistry Silver Oxide

Voltage 1.55V

Shelf Life 5 Years

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