Maxell 365 SR1116W Coin Cell Battery 1pc (Each)

Maxell 365 SR1116W Coin Cell Battery 1pc (Each)

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This pint-sized battery is primarily used as a watch battery replacement, but can also be used in other small electronics with high current such as calculators, key-less remote entry systems, medical instruments, cameras, and much more. The battery has a shelf life of 5+ years.

Equivalent Battery Types:
Bulova 608, Citizen 280-46, Duracell D366, Energizer 365, Energizer 366, Eveready 365, Eveready 366, Maxell SR1116W, Maxell SR1116SW, National SR1116W, National SR1116SW, Panasonic SR1116W, Panasonic SR1116SW, Rayovac 366, Renata 366, Sony SR1116W, Sony SR1116SW, Toshiba SR1116W, Toshiba SR1116SW, UCAR 365, 366, Varta V366, 366, V366, D366, SR1116SW, SR1116, Bulova 608, Citizen 280-46 - Primary Battery - Manufacturers Part Number: MAXELL-365 - Country of origin: Japan


Brand Maxell

Battery Size 365

Chemistry Silver Oxide

Voltage 1.55V

Shelf Life 5 Years

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