Maxell 321 SR616SW Coin Cell Battery 1pc (Each)

Maxell 321 SR616SW Coin Cell Battery 1pc (Each)

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The Maxell 321 coin cell battery has a discharge current of 20mA, and a capacity of 16mAh. The voltage is 1.55V, and it has a silver oxide chemistry. The battery's leak-resistant processing is a well-known system from Maxell that keeps the battery safe from leaking, and the flat discharge rate lets the battery keep up a regular voltage level until the battery is ready to be discharged. The Maxell 321 coin cell carries double the energy capacity of a standard alkaline coin cell battery. This battery is intended to be matched to low-drain objects such as analog watches. This battery measures .042 in. in height; .37 in. in diameter; and is .025 oz. in terms of weight. - Primary Battery - Manufacturers Part Number: MAXELL-321 - Country of origin: Japan


Brand Maxell

Battery Size 321

Chemistry Silver Oxide

Voltage 1.55V

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