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LiFePO4 Lithium Iron Phosphate 3.2V 1200mAh 18500 Rechargeable Battery

$ 10.99

LiFePO4 Lithium Iron Phosphate 3.2V 1200mAh 18500 Rechargeable Battery

LiFePO4 Lithium Iron Phosphate 3.2V 1200mAh 18500 Rechargeable Battery

$ 10.99


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LiFePO4 Lithium Phosphate 3.2V 1200mAh 18500 Rechargeable Solar Battery

LifePO4 Lithium Phosphate batteries are great economical choice for any device that uses rechargeable 18500 batteries. This lithium iron phosphate rechargeable battery is a good solution for replacing the batteries in solar lights. Rechargeable Solar light batteries eventually lose their ability to store energy and need to be replaced. Be sure to replace your rechargeable solar light batteries before they run out of energy. Replacing all of the solar light batteries at the same time is a good idea to keep all lights running at their full potential.

  • Voltage: 3.2V
  • Amperage: 1200mAh
  • Chemistry - Li-FePO4
  • Height: 46.9mm (1.96in)
  • Diameter: 18.1mm (0.71in)
  • Weight: 1.1oz (0.07lbs)

EB-LFP-18500-1200 Battery Applications: Solar Lighting, Home Security Systems, RC Racing Car, Airsoft gun, RC robots, E-bike, e-cigarettes and many other electronics

EB-LFP-18500-1200 Battery Replaces: DANTONA LIFE04-18500, LFP-18500-1200, IFR 18500P, DANTONA 18500, ULTRALAST LIFE04-18500, ULTRALAST 18500

  • CAUTION: when working with LiFePO4 cells, they are very sensitive to charging characteristics and may explode if mis-handled.
  • User should have enough knowledge on LiFePO4 rechargeable batteries in charging, discharging, and assembly before use.
  • Put the batteries in fire-proof container
  • Do not put batteries on wood surface or carpet when charging
  • Never leave battery un-attended when charging

Note: We ship EB-LFP-18500-1200 Batteries in accordance with U.S. Department of Transportations CFR 49. This may mean additional shipping charges in which case you will be contacted within 48 hours. If you have any questions please contact us directly.

Need more than one EB-LFP-18500-1200 Battery?

Replaces These Model Numbers

  • EB-LFP-18500-1200
  • Dantona 18500
  • Dantona IFR 18500P
  • Dantona LFP-18500-800
  • Dantona LIFE04-18500
  • Ultralast 18500
  • Ultralast IFR 18500P
  • Ultralast LFP-18500-800
  • Ultralast LIFE04-18500

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