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2000 Lumen Fenix TK35 Ultimate Edition Flashlight Complete Kit - Flashlight, Charger, 4 18650 Batteries

$ 249.95

2000 Lumen Fenix TK35 Ultimate Edition Flashlight Complete Kit - Flashlight, Charger, 4 18650 Batteries

$ 249.95

$ 323.96


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Fenix TK35 Ultimate Edition - 2015 Version - Total Kit


You Get

2000 Lumen Fenix TK35 Ultimate Edition - 2015 Version - Flashlight

Fenix ARE-C2 Advanced 4-bay Multi-Charger for Li-ion (inc 18650) and NiMH Batteries

And 4 Fenix ARB-L18-3500mAh 18650 batteries


If you really want to know why we love the Fenix TK35 Ultimate Edition flashlight - here's a video that's worth watching....


Upgraded, Enhanced & Improved

Fenix has released the 2015 version of the TK35 Ultimate Edition - minimizing its size while increasing its brightness and beam throw. The new-and-improved flashlight has been upgraded to a CREE XHP50 LED, increasing its maximum output from 1,800 to 2,000 lumens. Also increased is the search light's beam throw, which has advanced from 242 to 320 meters. The Fenix TK35 Ultimate Edition flashlight is also smaller, changing from 6.49 to 6.3 inches long; however, the comfortable flat design and dual tailcap switch have remained.

Versatile Brightness for All Needs

This LED light still offers 5 brightness levels that range from 20 lumens to an impressive 2,000 lumens. This huge scope of brightness levels gives users the freedom to utilize the flashlight in various manners and settings. The Fenix search light is equipped with an orange peel reflector for a softer and more uniform beam that is perfect for outdoor search-and-rescue missions. Additionally, the TK35 Ultimate Edition offers SOS and strobe outputs in case of an emergency. The dual tallcap switch is easy to use and offers one button for on/off operation and a second for mode selection. For a momentary-on presentation, slightly press the larger button. For constant-on illumination, press the button with full force. Once the light is on, press the second button to change the output level. To activate the Strobe, press and hold the Mode switch for one second. The SOS output is reached by pressing and holding the Mode switch for three seconds. An intelligent memory circuit remembers the last mode used and will enter that mode upon activation. The Fenix TK35 Ultimate Edition runs on 2 x 18650s or 4 x CR123A batteries, both of which are sold separately. A low voltage indicator is built into the light to notify users when their batteries need to be replaced.

Designed for Comfort

This search light from Fenix features a uniquely flat design for a more comfortable hold. The flashlight is constructed from aircraft-grade aluminum and includes a premium Type III hard-anodized finish for durability. In fact, the TK35UE is impact resistance up to 1 meter and even rated IPX-8 for water resistance. The toughened ultra clear glass lens keeps beams clear, while protecting the quad-core LED. As with many Fenix lights, this light has reverse polarity protection to prevent damage.

  • Made from aircraft grade aluminum with a Type III hard anodized finish
  • Low voltage warning function for when batteries are low
  • Intelligent memory circuit
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Digitally regulated output for constant brightness
  • Dual button tail switch
  • Toughened ultra clear glass lens with anti-reflective finish
  • Space saving battery compartment design
  • Flat grip for comfort
  • Rated IPX-8 for submersion up to 2 meters
  • 1 meter impact resistance
  • 5-year limited lifetime manufacturer's warranty
  • Included Accessories:
    • 1 x Lanyard
    • 1 x Holster
    • 1 x Spare O-ring
    • User Manual
    • Warranty Card

  • LED: quad-core CREE XHP50
  • Runs on: 2 x 18650 or 4 x CR123A batteries(sold separately)
  • Output mode / Run time:
    • Turbo: 2,000 lumens / 1.25 hrs
    • High: 1050 lumens / 3.16 hrs
    • Mid: 380 lumens / 9.15 hrs
    • Low: 120 lumens / 33 hrs
    • Eco: 20 lumens / 160 hrs
    • Strobe: 2,000 lumens
    • SOS: 380 lumens
  • Peak beam intensity: 25,600 cd
  • Peak beam throw: 320 meters
  • Dimensions:
    • Length: 6.3" (161mm)
    • Bezel Diameter: 2." (50mm)
    • Weight: 8.5oz (240g) (excluding batteries)
Turbo High Medium Low Moonlight
Lumens: 2000 1050 380 120 20
Runtime (Hours): 1.25 3.16 9.15 33 160
Output Modes: 3+ Brightness Levels, SOS, Strobe
Compatible Batteries: 2 x 18650, 4 x CR123A
Batteries Included: No
Included Accessories: Holster, Lanyard, Spare O-ring(s)
Flashlight Usage: Search Lights
Throw Distance (Max): 320m
Switch Location: Dual Tailcap
Product Certifications: ANSI, IPX-8
Brand: Fenix
Primary Material: Anodized Aluminum
Product Weight: 8.5oz
Product Dimensions: 6.3" (L) x 2" (Head Diameter)
UPC: 6942870303123
Country of Origin: CN


Fenix ARE-C2 Advanced 4-bay Multi-Charger

Never worry about running low on power with the Fenix ARE-C2 Advanced Multi-Charger, one of the most powerful and versatile battery chargers on the market! This four-bay charger is compatible with a wide range of batteries, both Lithium Ion and Nickel Metal Hydride, and automatically selects the correct charging mode based on the battery being charged. The charger features an LCD display that displays the voltage and charging status of your inserted batteries so you'll be aware of the progress of each individual battery as they charge. The charger works quickly, able to charge four 18650 2600mAh batteries in just three and a half hours.The Fenix ARE-C2 Multi-Charger is a universal piece of equipment essential to any rechargeable battery user.

  • Compatible with broad spectrum of Li-Ion and Ni-Mh rechargeable cell sizes
  • Charges:
    • Li-Ion: 14500, 16340, 18650, and 26650
    • Ni-Mh: AA, AAA, and C
  • LCD display for battery voltage and charging status
  • Automatically selects charging modes based on the battery loaded
  • Four slots monitor and charge independently
  • Advanced safety features ensure your safety and the health of the battery
  • Supports AC charging and DC car charging (car adapter sold separately)
  • Input: 100-240V (AC), 50/60Hz, 500mA (max), 12V-24V (DC), 2000mA (max)
  • Output: 4.2V/1.5V 1000mA x 4/500mA x 4
  • Operating Temperature: 5% (0 degrees C) -90 degrees (40 degrees C). (Full-load in normal working condition)
  • Storage Conditions: Temperature: -20 degrees C - 85 degrees C
  • Dimensions: 6.14" x 3.9" x 1.5"(156mm x 98.5mm x 37mm)
  • Weight: 9.7 oz. (275g)
Charge Channels: 4
Supported Chemistries: Li-Ion, Ni-MH
Compatible Battery Sizes: 14500, 16340, 18650, AA, AAA, C
Charge Current: 1000mA
Batteries Included: No
Product Certifications: CE, FCC, RoHS
Brand: Fenix
Product Weight: 9.7oz
Product Dimensions: 6.14" (L) x 3.9" (W) x 1.5" (H)
UPC: 6942870320502
Country of Origin: CN

4 Fenix ARB-L18-3500 batteries:

Has Supreme Impact Resistance

Fenix is all set to release its brand-new 18650 battery, known as the ARB-L18-3500. Fenix is a well-known manufacturer of both batteries and flashlights, used and loved by many people around the world. This battery's chemistry is lithium-ion (li-ion), and it is rechargeable, so you will end up saving money in the long run, because it can last for up to 500 charge-recharge cycles, something primary batteries, whether alkaline or CR123A, cannot do. It can also hold on to around 75% of its starting capacity, even when the 500th charge cycle is reached; this is a quality battery because of that fact. This Fenix 18650 is able to stop short circuits from happening because of a piece of steel that's been riveted inside of the anode portion of the battery. This steel piece also gives the battery supreme impact resistance.

Brimming with Energy and Power

The Fenix ARB-L18-3500 is brimming with energy and power, having a capacity of 3500mAh. Its voltage rate is 3.6V, more than twice the voltage of an alkaline primary battery. The Fenix ARB-L18-3500's charge current rate is 1A (amp), with a maximum charge current of 2A. You can have peace of mind that your battery will not malfunction on you, as it has so many levels of safeguards and protection included in its structure, such as overcharge protection; over-discharge protection; and the aforementioned short circuit protection. There are three kinds of protection from potential over-heating, for example: pressure relief valve protection; microporous protection; and PTC cathodal block protection. The pressure relief valve protection works by removing any gas build-up that might be caused by a short circuit; thus, there is little to no possibility of inflation or explosion on the part of the battery. The Fenix ARB-L18-3500's warranty is Fenix's 12 month free warranty. Fenix suggests that this 18650 cell be used with flashlights, camping lanterns, bike lights, and headlamps, and that it can be paired with the Fenix ARE-C1 charger, the Fenix ARE-C2 multi-charger, or the Fenix ARE-X1 LED smart charger.

  • Chemistry is lithium-ion (li-ion)
  • Rechargeable and can last for up to 500 charge-recharge cycles
  • Able to stop short circuits because of piece of steel riveted inside anode portion of battery
  • Has supreme impact resistance
  • Has capacity of 3500mAh
  • Voltage rate is 3.6V
  • Charge current rate is 1A (amp); maximum charge current of 2A
  • Has many levels of safeguards and protection: overcharge protection; over-discharge protection; and short circuit protection; three kinds of protection from potential over-heating: pressure relief valve protection; microporous protection; and PTC cathodal block protection
  • Little to no possibility of inflation or explosion because of pressure relief valve protection
  • Warranty is Fenix's 12 month free warranty
  • Manufacturer suggests this cell be used with flashlights, camping lanterns, bike lights, and headlamps
  • Can be paired with Fenix ARE-C1 charger, Fenix ARE-C2 multi-charger, or Fenix ARE-X1 LED smart charger
  • Capacity: 3500mAh
  • Voltage: 3.6V
  • Charge current rate: 1A; maximum: 2A
  • Warranty: Fenix 12 month free warranty
  • Dimensions:
    • Weight: 5.6 oz.
    • Height: 0.7 in.
    • Diameter: 2.7 in.

WARNING: Use caution when working with Li-ion cells, they are very sensitive to charging characteristics and may explode or burn if mishandled. Make sure the user has enough knowledge of Li-Ion rechargeable batteries in charging, discharging and assembly before use. Always charge in/on a fire-proof surface. Never leave charging batteries unattended. We are not responsible for damage if there is any modification of the batteries/chargers in any form or shape (including pack making). We are not responsible for any damage caused by misuse or mishandling of Li-Ion batteries and chargers. We only recommend using Lithium Ion rechargeable batteries with a control circuit (protection PCB) to assure safe charge, discharge, etc. Use of lithium ion batteries without a protection circuit is potentially hazardous.

Battery Size: 18650
Battery Capacity: 3500mAh
Battery Chemistry: Li-Ion
Battery Voltage: 3.6
Battery Terminal Type: Button Top
Product Certifications: ANSI, CE, FCC, RoHS
Packaging: Clam Shell
Brand: Fenix
Product Weight: 5.6oz
UPC: 6942870303505
MPN: ARB-L18-3500
Country of Origin: CN

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