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Fenix E25UE Ultimate Edition Rechargeable Flashlight - With CREE XP-L V5 LED - 1000 Lumens - Uses 2 x AA or 2 x 14500 Batteries

$ 49.95

Fenix E25UE Ultimate Edition Rechargeable Flashlight - With CREE XP-L V5 LED - 1000 Lumens - Uses 2 x AA or 2 x 14500 Batteries

$ 49.95

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Fenix E25UE Flashlight - Black - Uses two AA NiMH, Alkaline, or Lithium batteries ~or~ two 14500 rechargeable lithium ion batteries

The Fenix E25 Ultimate Edition Flashlight (E25UE) is the first ultra-bright flashlight that runs on regular AA batteries and includes intelligent drive circuitry.

The Cree XP-L LED makes the E25UE compatible with 14500 rechargeable Li-ion batteries allowing it to shine brighter at an amazing max of 1000 lumens. Dual side switches let you quickly choose between flashing modes or the five brightness levels.

This flashlight takes two AA batteries or two 14500 batteries - 

Our top selling AA batteries include the Energizer Ultimate Lithium AA 8-Pack and the Panasonic Eneloop Rechargeable AA 4-Pack with charger and our top selling 14500 lithium ion batteries are Ultralast 14500 Li-FePO 2-Pack.

If you really want to know why we love Fenix Quality Flashlights - here's a video that's worth watching....

Astounding Output and Longevity

Anyone who says you can't get impressive production from an economic flashlight has clearly yet to see the Fenix E25UE Ultimate Edition Flashlight. Fenix's latest E25 model rivals the power of its more advanced models, with 5 different brightness settings and able to deliver up to 1000 Lumens of brightness with a peak beam distance of 200 meters. While using 2 14500 rechargeable batteries, the flashlight is able to operate in its Turbo Mode (1000 Lumens) for up to 50 minutes and can operate in its dimmest setting for up 90 hours on a single charge. The flashlight features a Cree XP-L V5 LED with a lifespan of 50,000 hours so burning out a bulb is never a concern.

Functionality and Customization

The E25UE does not just offer powerful and lasting output, but a vast array of settings and options to customize your use. The E25UE features a dual switch, one to engage and disengage the flashlight completely and another to cycle through the different brightness settings. While the recommended 2 14500 rechargeable batteries are needed to operate the flashlight's Turbo Mode output, it can also be run on 2 AA batteries (either NiMH or Alkaline) with the remaining 4 brightnesses available.The E25UE also comes with personalized features like an intelligent drive circuit, which remembers the previous brightness mode before it was turned off, and a Lock-out function that can be engaged to prevent accidentally turning it on or changing a setting. The flashlight even comes standard with a Strobe Function and a S.O.S. Function so you are prepared for any situation.

Impressive Durability

On top of its potent power and useful functions, the E25UE is an extremely durable piece of equipment. Composed of a hard-anodized aircraft-grade aluminum and a toughened ultra clear glass lens, the rugged flashlight is impact resistant up to 1 meter and is able to be submerged in water as low as 2 meters without damage. The flashlight flaunts durability internally as well, featuring overheat and reverse polarity protection so the circuitry will not be accidentally damaged.


  • Dual Switch interface to easily active and deactivate the light, as well as cycle through the different brightness levels
  • Digitally regulated output to maintain constant brightness
  • Features Strobe and S.O.S. functions for special situations
  • Lock-out function to prevent mal-operation
  • Reverse Polarity and Overheat Protection
  • Hard-anodized aircraft-grade aluminum and toughened ultra clear glass lens make the flashlight resistant to exterior damage
  • Included Accessories:
    • Lanyard
    • Spare O-ring
    • 2 x AA Alkaline batteries
    • User Manual
    • Warranty Card


  • Dimensions: 6.34" (Length) x 0.77" (Body Diameter) x 1" (Head Diameter)
  • Weight: 3.07 oz
  • Brightness Levels & Runtimes: **Using Li-Ion Batteries
    • Turbo: 1000 Lumens / 50 Min.
    • High: 350 Lumens / 2 Hours 15 Min.
    • Mid: 160 Lumens / 5 Hours 5 Min.
    • Low: 50 Lumens / 16 Hours 30 Min.
    • Eco: 5 Lumens / 95 Hours
  • Brightness Levels & Runtimes: **Using NiMH Batteries
    • Turbo: 1000 Lumens / n/a
    • High: 350 Lumens / 1 Hour 30 Min.
    • Mid: 160 Lumens / 4 Hours 35 Min.
    • Low: 50 Lumens / 13 Hours 25 Min.
    • Eco: 5 Lumens / 100 Hours
  • Brightness Levels & Runtimes: **Using Alkaline Batteries
    • Turbo: 1000 Lumens / n/a
    • High: 350 Lumens / 50 Min.
    • Mid: 160 Lumens / 2 Hours 10 Min.
    • Low: 50 Lumens / 13 Hours 10 Min.
    • Eco: 5 Lumens / 90 Hours
  • Peak Beam Distance 200 meters
  • Peak Beam Intensity 10000 cd
  • Impact Resistance 1 meter
  • IPX Rating IPX-8 (submersible up to 2 meters underwater)
Turbo High Medium Low Moonlight
Lumens: 1000 350 160 50 5
Runtime (Hours): 0.87 2.25 5.08 16.5 95
Output Modes: 3+ Brightness Levels, SOS, Strobe
Compatible Batteries: 2 x 14500, 2 x AA
Batteries Included: Yes
Included Accessories: Batteries, Lanyard, Spare O-ring(s)
Flashlight Usage: Every Day Carry
Throw Distance (Max): 200m
Switch Location: Body
Product Certifications: IPX-8
Brand: Fenix
Primary Material: Anodized Aluminum
Product Weight: 3.07oz
Product Dimensions: 6.34" (L) x 1" (Head Diameter)0.77" (Body Diameter)
UPC: 6942870303451
Country of Origin: CN

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