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Fanuc / Panasonic Logic Controller Lithium Battery - FCB9712T

$ 15.99

Fanuc / Panasonic Logic Controller Lithium Battery - FCB9712T

Fanuc / Panasonic Logic Controller Lithium Battery - FCB9712T

$ 15.99


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American made, quality batteries for industrial computers and programmable logic controllers.


  • Low self discharge rate
  • Stable voltage
  • broad temperature range (-60í«̴́ to +85í«̴́C).
  • High energy, high reliability for memory backup applications.


Chemistry: Lithium
mAh: 1500
Voltage: 3
Warranty: 1 Year Warranty

Fits Into

  • Cutler Hammer A03B-0805-K011
  • Cutler Hammer A06B-0168-D111
  • Cutler Hammer A06B Control
  • Fanuc 16-B
  • Fanuc 18-T Series
  • Fanuc 21-B
  • Fanuc 90-20 Series
  • Fanuc A03B-0805-K011
  • Fanuc A06B-0168-D111
  • Fanuc A06B Control
  • Fanuc IC693 Series PLCs
  • Fanuc IC693ACC301
  • Fanuc PCM Series
  • Fanuc Power Mate 0
  • Fanuc Power Mate D
  • Fanuc Power Mate E
  • Fanuc Power Mate F
  • Fanuc Power Mate H
  • Fanuc Server Unit 90-10
  • GE Fanuc 90-20 Series
  • GE Fanuc A03B-0805-K011
  • GE Fanuc A06B-0168-D111
  • GE Fanuc A06B Control
  • GE Fanuc IC693 Series PLCs
  • GE Fanuc IC693ACC301
  • GE Fanuc PCM Series
  • Panasonic AFP8801
  • Panasonic FP10SH CPU Units
  • Panasonic FP10SH Programmable Controller
  • Panasonic FP2-C2 Programmable Controller
  • Panasonic FP2-C2P Programmable Controller
  • Panasonic FP2-C3P Programmable Controller
  • Panasonic FP2SH CPU Units
  • Panasonic FP2SH Programmable Controller
  • Panasonic FP3 CPU Units
  • Panasonic FP3 Positioning Unit
  • Panasonic FP3 Programmable Controller

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