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Exell 276 Alkaline 9V Battery NEDA 1603, PP9, 6F100

$ 49.95

Exell 276 Alkaline 9V Battery NEDA 1603, PP9, 6F100

$ 49.95

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Exell 276 Alkaline 9V Battery NEDA 1603, PP9, 6F100

The Exell 276 has larger snap connectors than the popular PP3 9V battery. The 276 battery is a direct replacement for the original Eveready 276 battery.It is used in a wide variety of Meters, Vintage Radios, Transistor Radio, Broadcast Receivers, Medical Equipment, Fire Alarms/Detectors and many more devices.This battery is commonly found in products manufactured by Roberts Radio Co Brand.

General Uses: Meters, Vintage Radios, Medical Equipment,

Also known as: 276, 439, 6419, 6F100, BB29, D6, DT9, GP1603S, M1603, M6, MN1603, P88, PB6F100E, PP9, RR9, ST9, T6009, TR9, VS306, VT9, Z276

More specific uses: Meters, vintage radios, medical equipment, fire alarms/detectors


Exell 276 9V Alkaline Battery Applications: Fischer Gemini 2 Metal Detector, Transistor Radio TR130 1965 seven transistors, Transistor Radio TR82C Mark 2 seven transistors 1963-1965, Radio TR82C Mark 1 seven transistors 1963-1965, Radio R250 uses PP9 not the retro model, Radio R550 uses PP9 not the retro model, Radio R757 uses PP9 not the retro model, Vintage Hacker Hunter RP38A, Radio R760 1985 uses PP9 not the retro model, BUSH TR130, BUSH TR82C, ROBERTS R250, ROBERTS R550, ROBERTS R757, ROBERTS R760


Chemistry: Alkaline
mAh: 4800
Voltage: 9

Fits Into

  • 276
  • 439
  • 6419
  • 6F100
  • BB29
  • D6
  • DT9
  • GP1603S
  • M1603
  • M6
  • MN1603
  • P88
  • PB6F100E
  • PP9
  • RR9
  • ST9
  • T6009
  • TR9
  • VS306
  • VT9
  • Z276

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