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Exell 12V 12Ah SLA Battery Rechargeable AGM replaces UB12120, D5744

$ 69.95

Exell 12V 12Ah SLA Battery Rechargeable AGM replaces UB12120, D5744

Exell 12V 12Ah SLA Battery Rechargeable AGM replaces UB12120, D5744

$ 69.95


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Exell Battery 12V 12Ah Sealed Lead Acid Battery Rechargeable AGM for solar applications, UPS Backup, medical mobility and replaces UB12120, D5744, NB12-12

Factory Fresh Products Always Shipped Guaranteed! offers a variety of high quality sealed lead acid (SLA) batteries. These unique batteries are used in a variety of applications such as computer systems, exit signs, emergency lighting, scooters, industrial/medical equipment, and wheelchairs. These batteries are also ideal for solar applications, UPS Backup, and medical mobility!

This specific battery is classified as an AGM battery or Absorbent Glass Mat, using technology that assures superior battery performance. AGM batteries are valve-regulates, spill proof, and are safely used in any position.

Common uses for this battery:Consumer Electronics, Electric Vehicles, Engine Starters, Golf Carts, Hunting, Lawn and Garden Tools, Medical Mobility, Motorcycles, Photography, Power sports, Portable Tools, Solar, Toys and Hobby, Access Control Devices, Emergency Lighting, Security.

Battery Specifications
  • Type (Chemistry): AGM Sealed Lead Acid
  • Brand: UPG
  • Voltage: 12 V
  • Amperage: 12Ah
  • Length: 5.94"(151 mm)
  • Height: 3.78"(96 mm)
  • Width: 3.88"(99 mm)
  • Terminal Type: F1 Tab
  • NOTE: SLA (AGM), Gel Cell ship via UPS Domestic (USA)ONLY.

Note: This products ships with F1 Terminal unless otherwise specified. Terminal adapters are available for purchase. Contact us today to order!

Key Benefits
  • Excellent performance and ability to endure high current output and deep cycling.
  • Greater resistance to vibrations, shock, chemicals and heat.
  • Higher cranking amps and lower self discharge.
  • Leak resistant.
  • Electrolyte is suspended in fiberglass mat separators, which act as absorbent sponges.
  • Maintenance free.

Replaces These Model Numbers

  • WB 12120 F1
  • Access Point Medical AXS31
  • Access Point Medical AXS32P
  • Access Point Medical AXS42P
  • Active Care Spitfire 3-Wheel
  • Active Care Spitfire EX 4-Wheel
  • Adt / Adi / Ademco RLP
  • Amigo Mobility Classic FD
  • Amigo Mobility Travel Mate RD
  • APC BACK-UPS 1000
  • APC BACK-UPS 650
  • APC RBC4
  • APC RBC6
  • APC SMART-UPS 1000
  • Bladez Electric Scooter Sport
  • Bladez Electric Scooter STR Street II
  • Bladez Electric Scooter XTR Comp
  • Bladez Electric Scooter XTR Comp II
  • Bladez Electric Scooter XTR Lite
  • Bladez Electric Scooter XTR S 450
  • Bladez Electric Scooter XTR Transport
  • Bruno Rio Travel Scooter
  • Chloride 100-001-0136-02
  • Chloride FAS
  • Chloride LLBE2
  • Currie XTR Comp2
  • Currie XTR Street
  • Currie XTR Transport
  • Currie XTRE SE 450
  • Currie XTRS Comp
  • Currie XTRS450
  • Data Shield 400
  • Data Shield AT5000
  • Data Shield TURBO 2-450
  • Douglas Gaurdian DG12-1.2
  • Douglas Guardian DG12-12
  • Drive Medical Design Falcon 3
  • Drive Medical Design Falcon 4
  • Drive Medical Design Geo
  • Drive Medical Design Geo Portable
  • Drive Medical Design Go-Chair
  • Drive Medical Design Hawk
  • Drive Medical Design Hawk Compact
  • Drive Medical Design Mini Phantom
  • Drive Medical Design Phantom
  • Drive Medical Design Phoenix
  • Drive Medical Design Phoenix 3
  • Drive Medical Design Phoenix 4
  • Dual-lite LZ55D
  • Dual-lite LZ65
  • Eagle Pitcher CF12V8
  • Eagle Pitcher CFM12V10
  • Eagle Pitcher CFM12V12
  • Elan ED412
  • Elan EL1212V
  • Elan HP2
  • Elan HP212V
  • Elan HP412V
  • Elan IDX
  • Elan SL212V
  • Elan SL412V
  • Electric Mobility Rascal 115
  • Electric Mobility Rascal Fold and Go 760
  • Elgar SPS1000
  • Emergi-lite 12E1
  • Emergi-lite DSM18
  • Emergi-lite EMF4
  • Everest & Jennings Everest Lite
  • Exell Battery EB12120 F1
  • Frank Mobility E-Fix
  • Frank Mobility E-Fix Basic
  • Golden Technology Buzzaround
  • Golden Technology Buzzaround Lite
  • Golden Technology Liteway
  • Hoveround Activa
  • Hoveround Activa Mini
  • Imc Heartway Pixi
  • Invacare Lynx L3
  • Invacare Lynx L4
  • Invacare Zoom-3
  • Light Alarms M3003
  • Medline Industries Strider Micro
  • Medline Industries Strider Mini
  • Merits Health Products Pioneer 5 (S534)
  • National Power GTO06T3
  • Portalac PE12V1.2
  • Pride Go Chair
  • Pride Gogo Ultra X
  • Pride Jazzy 2 Chair
  • Pride Sonic
  • Shoprider Mobility Dasher 3
  • Shoprider Mobility Dashwer 4
  • Shoprider Mobility Jimmie UL8WPBS
  • Shoprider Mobility Scootie
  • Shoprider Mobility Scootie Jr
  • Shoprider Mobility Smartie
  • Shoprider Mobility Start GK3
  • Shoprider Mobility Traveler
  • Shoprider Mobility Xtralite 3
  • Shoprider Mobility Xtralite 4
  • Silent Knight 624
  • Silent Knight 625
  • Sunrise Guardian Trek 3
  • Sunrise Guardian Trek 4
  • Technacell EMB410
  • Theradyne EV1864
  • Tzora Classic
  • Tzora Elite Traveler Plus HD
  • Tzora Lite
  • UPG D5744
  • Wheelcare Caddy
  • Win Med Tourist Xpress
  • Yorklight 4E2
  • Yorklite 4E2
  • Zip'r Mobility Zip'r 3 Traveler
  • Zip'r Mobility Zip'r 3 Xtra Hybrid Traveler
  • Zip'r Mobility Zip'r 4 Traveler
  • Zip'r Mobility Zip'r 4 Xtra Hybrid Traveler
  • Zip'r Mobility Zip'r Roo

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