Exell 1/3AA 1.2V 170mAh NiCD Rechargeable Assembly Cell Battery with Tabs

Exell 1/3AA 1.2V 170mAh NiCD Rechargeable Assembly Cell Battery with Tabs

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1/3AA 1.2V 170mAh NiCD Rechargeable Assembly Cell Battery with Tabs

1/3AA 1.2V 170mAh NiCD Battery are excellent for building custom battery packs for mini RC airplane power packs and cordless phone battery packs. These high quality high hapacity 1/3AA Size rechargeable NiCd batteries are designed for enhanced performance for high drain applications such as digital cameras, CD players, portable audio devices, hand held games, 2-way radios, PDAs, and other portable high drain digital electronics.

1/3AA 1.2V 170mAh NiCD Battery Specifications
  • Voltage: 1.2V
  • Amperage: 170mAh
  • Chemistry: Nickel Cadium (NiCD)
  • Height: 0.67in (17.02mm)
  • Diameter: 0.56in (14.22mm)
  • Terminal Types: TABS
NiCD Assembly Cell Battery Information
  • Excellent quality and provide constant power electric current for your power hungry devices and some solar lights and solar applications.
  • Low internal resistance, ideal for rapid high current discharge
  • Excellent battery cycle life: 1000 times
  • Ni-Cad battery can be charged and discharged for up to 1000 times
  • Environmentally Friendly (Ni-Cad can be recycled)
  • If use once a day, Ni-Cad batteries can last up to 3 years.

It is a good practice to do deep-discharge or complete discharge at least once 4 to 8 weeks. Deep discharge ( complete discharge ) is important for Ni-Cad not to develop memory effects. Compared with other types of rechargeable cells, Ni-Cad batteries offer good cycle life and performance at low temperatures with a fair capacity but its significant advantage is the ability to deliver practically its full rated capacity at high discharge rates (discharging in one hour or less)

NOTE: Colors of Battery may vary

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  • General Time 1450664
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  • General Time 450655
  • General Time 450664
  • General Time F450655
  • General Time F450664
  • General Time P63730
  • Interstate Batteries AASC0055
  • Lintronics P110AS
  • Powersonic 1/3AA
  • Powersonic PS1/3AA
  • Powersonic PS1/3AAF
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