Energizer | 150 Lumen Fusion 3 in 1 LED Light with 4 AA Batteries | ENFAT41E

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A handy multi-purpose tool, the Energizer LED 3-in-1 tripod light makes a smart choice for the home, garage and workshop. It's also great for outdoor use thans to its water-resistant design.



  • Pivoting head designed to spotlight specific areas
  • Sturdy, foldout legs for hands free applications
  • Functions as a traditional hand held flashlight or powerful side panel area light.
  • Smart Dimming technology for full control of brightness and run time (area and spot)
  • Up to 150 lumens of area light for up to 100 hours or 100 lumens of focused beam for 10 hours
  • Impact and Water Resistant
  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • Includes 4 Energizer AA batteries


Battery Type: AA
Bulb: LED
Lumens: 100 - 150
Warranty: This product contains a manufacturer warranty
Product Number/SKU: ENFAT41E