Energizer 2L76 (CR1/3N) Lithium Battery - 2L76BP

Energizer 2L76 (CR1/3N) Lithium Battery - 2L76BP

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  • Replacement for: CR1/3N, 5008L, CR11108, DL1/3N, KL-13N
  • Power you can rely on for your Watches, Glucose Monitors, Calculators, Dog Collars, Keyless Entry, Invisible Fences and the latest games and toys
  • The 2L76 or CR1/3N cell can be used as an effective high power replacement for a stack of two LR44 cells.



Chemistry: Lithium
Color: Silver
mAh: 190
Product Height: 10.16mm
Product Diameter: 10.16mm
Voltage: 3

Fits Into

    Coin Cell, Button Cell, & Hearing Aid Batteries

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