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Emergency Lighting Battery for Lithonia ELB0604N ELB0605N Brick Pack

$ 69.99

Emergency Lighting Battery for Lithonia ELB0604N ELB0605N Brick Pack

Emergency Lighting Battery for Lithonia ELB0604N ELB0605N Brick Pack

$ 69.99


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6V Emergency Lighting Battery for Lithonia ELB0604N ELB0604N1 Brick Pack

6V Emegency Lighting Battery is an ideal replacement battery for traditional emergency lighting and exit signs. These signs have been primarily focused on guiding the interior occupants of a building to the nearest exit in the event of an emergency make sure to replace the batteries in these emergency lighting units and ensure your equipment is up to code and the building is safe for its occupants.

6V Emergency Lighting Battery Specifications
  • Voltage: 6V
  • Chemistry: Nickel Cadmium (NiCD)
  • Length: 3.82in (97.022mm)
  • Height: 2.33in (59.18mm)
  • Width: 2.36in (59.94mm)
  • Terminal Types: CONNECTOR

6V Emergency Lighting Battery Fits: Chloride 100-003-A045, Dantona CUSTOM-11, Dantona CUSTOM-21 NEW, Dc Battery 1599, Emergi-Lite GAL, Emergi-Lite Q2035, Interstate Batteries ANIC0048, Light Alarms 5N31AG, Lightguard 100-003-A045, Lithonia ELB0604N, Lithonia ELB0604N1, Lithonia ELB0605N, Lithonia RFC1EL, Panasonic MRDF3.F2C, Philips Exide 100-003-A045, Powersonic A19390-2, Powersonic DH/56, 1205D, NP1205D

Need more than one 6V Emergency Lighting Battery?

Replaces These Model Numbers

  • BEL-21NEW
  • Chloride 100-003-A045
  • Dantona CUSTOM-11
  • Dantona CUSTOM-21 NEW
  • Dc Battery 1599
  • Emergi-lite GAL
  • Emergi-lite Q2035
  • Exell Battery EBE-21NEW
  • Interstate Batteries ANIC0048
  • Light Alarms 5N31AG
  • Lightguard 100-003-A045
  • Lithonia ELB0604N
  • Lithonia ELB0604N1
  • Lithonia ELB0605N
  • Lithonia RFC1EL
  • Panasonic MRDF3.F2C
  • Philips Exide 100-003-A045
  • Powersonic 1205D
  • Powersonic A19390-2
  • Powersonic DH/56
  • Powersonic NP1205D

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