Duracell Procell D Battery | Box of 12 Batteries

Duracell Procell D Battery | Box of 12 Batteries

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Created for professional applications, our Procell batteries offer dependable, long-lasting power. These batteries meet the standards of durability and longevity that professional users demand and expect. And because Duracell is the #1 preferred brand of parents, pharmacists, and first responders, you know it's a battery you can trust.

  • Guaranteed for 7 years in storage
  • Reliable operation in extremes from -4 degrees F to 129 degrees F
Duracell Procell alkaline batteries provide power to your professional devices like:
  • Motion Sensors
  • Testing Equipment
  • Remote controls
  • Flashlights
  • Calculators
  • Clocks and Radios
  • Portable Electronics
  • Wireless Mice and Keyboards
Primary Battery - Manufacturers Part Number: PC1300-40044 - Country of origin: United States


Brand Duracell

Battery Size D

Chemistry Alkaline

Voltage 1.5V

Shelf Life 6-8 Years

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