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Dog Collar Battery EB-DC22-9.6 Replaces DC-22, CS-SDC22SL

$ 39.99

Dog Collar Battery EB-DC22-9.6 Replaces DC-22, CS-SDC22SL

Dog Collar Battery EB-DC22-9.6 Replaces DC-22, CS-SDC22SL

$ 39.99


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Dog Collar Battery EB-DC22-9.6 Replaces DC-22, CS-SDC22SL

Dog Collar Battery EB-DC22-9.6 is the ideal replacement battery to power your Sportdog dog collars, such as the SportDog Transmitter 1400NCP, Sportdog Transmitter 1800NC, Sportdog Transmitter 2002B, and more.

Keep track of your pet with the Dog Collar Battery EB-DC22-9.6 as a replacement part in your Sportdog dog collar. This replacement Dog Collar Battery EB-DC22-9.6 is 100% compatible with the selected models. If consistency is important to your pet's training, you can count on the Dog Collar Battery EB-DC22-9.6 to provide long-lasting power to your device, whenever you need it. This battery is made with high quality parts and is guaranteed to meet or exceed the original equipment manufacturers specifications at a reduced price.

  • Type: NiMH
  • Voltage: 9.6 V
  • Amperage: 700 mAh
  • Terminal: Wire Leads
  • Dimensions: 1.7 x 1.62"

Dog Collar Battery EB-DC22-9.6 Replaces: DC-22, CS-SDC22SL

Replaces These Model Numbers

  • DC-22
  • Cameron Sino CS-SDC22SL
  • Dantona DC-22
  • Dogtra 1400 TRANSMITTER
  • Dogtra 1400NCP TRANSMITTER
  • Dogtra 1500 TRANSMITTER
  • Dogtra 1500NCP TRANSMITTER
  • Dogtra 1600 TRANSMITTER
  • Dogtra 1600NCP TRANSMITTER
  • Dogtra 1700 TRANSMITTER
  • Dogtra 1700NCP TRANSMITTER
  • Dogtra 1702NCP TRANSMITTER
  • Dogtra 170NCP Transmitter
  • Dogtra 1800NC TRANSMITTER
  • Dogtra 1802NC TRANSMITTER
  • Dogtra 1803NC TRANSMITTER
  • Dogtra 1804NC TRANSMITTER
  • Dogtra 1900NCP TRANSMITTER
  • Dogtra 1902NCP TRANSMITTER
  • Dogtra 2000 T & B TRANSMITTER
  • Dogtra 2000B Transmitter
  • Dogtra 2000NC TRANSMITTER
  • Dogtra 2000NCP TRANSMITTER
  • Dogtra 2000T Transmitter
  • Dogtra 2002 T & B TRANSMITTER
  • Dogtra 2002B Transmitter
  • Dogtra 2002NC TRANSMITTER
  • Dogtra 2002NCP TRANSMITTER
  • Dogtra 2002T Transmitter
  • Dogtra 200NC TRANSMITTER
  • Dogtra 300M TRANSMITTER
  • Dogtra 302M TRANSMITTER
  • Dogtra 7000M TRANSMITTER
  • Dogtra 7002M TRANSMITTER
  • Dogtra 7100H TRANSMITTER
  • Dogtra 7102H TRANSMITTER
  • Dogtra BP-2T
  • Dogtra BP-RR
  • Dogtra RR Deluxe
  • Dogtra RRD
  • Dogtra RRS
  • Dogtra Transmitter 1800NC
  • Dogtra Transmitter 2000B
  • Dogtra Transmitter 2000NCP
  • Dogtra Transmitter 2000T
  • Dogtra Transmitter 2000TX
  • Dogtra Transmitter 2002NCP
  • Dogtra Transmitter 2200NCP
  • Dogtra Transmitter 2202NCP
  • Dogtra Transmitter RR Deluxe
  • Exell Battery EB-DC22
  • Exell Battery EB-DC22-9.6
  • Sportdog BP-2T
  • Sportdog DC-22
  • Sportdog Transmitter 1400
  • Sportdog Transmitter 1400NCP
  • Sportdog Transmitter 1500
  • Sportdog Transmitter 1500NCP
  • Sportdog Transmitter 1600
  • Sportdog Transmitter 1600NCP
  • Sportdog Transmitter 1700
  • Sportdog Transmitter 1700NCP
  • Sportdog Transmitter 1800NC
  • Sportdog Transmitter 1802NC
  • Sportdog Transmitter 1803NC
  • Sportdog Transmitter 1804NC
  • Sportdog Transmitter 2000B
  • Sportdog Transmitter 2000NC
  • Sportdog Transmitter 2000NCP
  • Sportdog Transmitter 2000T
  • Sportdog Transmitter 2002B
  • Sportdog Transmitter 2002NC
  • Sportdog Transmitter 2002NCP
  • Sportdog Transmitter 2002T

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