DeWalt Power Tool Compatible 18V Extended Capacity NiMh Battery - BTBTDWLT18XXL

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There is nothing worse than being halfway through a job and your battery dies. í« can keep your DeWalt power tool working with a quality battery. These nickel-metal hydride (NiMh) power tool batteries are made from the finest cells and parts. í« They are designed to meet or exceed the original equipment specifications for your DeWalt power tool.


  • NiMh less prone to memory effect problems than NiCd
  • Lightweight compared to NiCd
  • Charge up to 1000 times


Chemistry: NiMh
Color: Black
mAh: 3300
Voltage: 18
Warranty: 1 Year Warranty
Watt Hours: 59.4

Fits Into

  • DeWalt DC212KA
  • DeWalt DC330K
  • DeWalt DC385K
  • DeWalt DC520KA
  • DeWalt DC550KA
  • DeWalt DC5CKITA
  • DeWalt DC668KA
  • DeWalt DC720CA
  • DeWalt DC720KA
  • DeWalt DC725KA
  • DeWalt DC9PAKRA
  • DeWalt DCD940KX
  • DeWalt DCD950KX
  • DeWalt DW059K-2
  • DeWalt DW960K-2

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