Cordless Phone Battery EBCP-1008 Replaces Uniden BT-1008

Cordless Phone Battery EBCP-1008 Replaces Uniden BT-1008

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Cordless Phone Battery EBCP-1008 Replaces Uniden BT-1008, BBTG0645001

Cordless Phone Battery EBCP-1008 is compatible with the Uniden BT-1008 cordless phone and all compatible models. This battery is made with high quality parts and are guaranteed to meet or exceed the original equipment manufacturers specifications at a reduced price.

This battery's chemistry is NiMH. NiMH stands for Nickel-Metal Hydride, the materials used in some battery packs. Unlike NiCad batteries, NiMH batteries do not use heavy metals that may have toxic effects. In addition, they can store up to 50% more power than NiCad batteries and do not suffer from memory effects.

  • Battery Fits Uniden DCX200, DECT 2060, 2080 Series
  • Replaces BT-1008, BATT-1008
  • Voltage: 2.4V
  • Amperage: 700mAh
  • Type: Nickel Metal Hydride

Replaces These Model Numbers

  • Empire CPH515B
  • Exell Battery EBCP-1008
  • Interstate Batteries ATEL0031
  • Lenmar CBBT1008
  • Radio Shack 43-221
  • Radio Shack 43-223
  • Radioshack 43-223
  • Sony BT1008
  • Sony DCX200
  • Southwestern Bell DCX200
  • Toshiba DECT2060
  • Toshiba DECT2080
  • Uniden 65AAAH2BMS
  • Uniden 65AAAH2BMS-2C1
  • Uniden BATT-1008
  • Uniden BBTG0645001
  • Uniden BT-1008
  • Uniden D1660
  • Uniden D1680
  • Uniden D1685
  • Uniden D1688
  • Uniden DCX200
  • Uniden DCX200-SLV
  • Uniden DCX200WHT
  • Uniden DCX210
  • Uniden DECT 2060 Series
  • Uniden DECT 2060-2
  • Uniden DECT 2080 Series
  • Uniden DECT 2080-2
  • Uniden DECT 2080-5
  • Uniden DECT-1588
  • Uniden DECT1560
  • Uniden DECT1580
  • Uniden DECT2060
  • Uniden DECT2080
  • Uniden DECT2180
  • Uniden DECT2185
  • Uniden DECT2188
  • Uniden WX12077

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