Blackberry Cell Phone Original Li-Ion Battery - JCBAT11004

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You cannot afford to be out of touch. í« That is why you need to keep your cell phone ready with one of our lithium-ion batteries. í« Our batteries are made with quality parts and cells, keeping you connected longer. í« We cannot guarantee you will have a signal, but you will have power for your Blackberry cell phone.

High Quality Cells
Rechargeable and eco-friendly
Affordably priced



Chemistry: Li-Ion
Color: Internal
mAh: 900
Voltage: 3.7
Warranty: 1 Year Warranty
Watt Hours: 3.3

Fits Into

  • RIM Blackberry 8100
  • RIM Blackberry 8110
  • RIM Blackberry 8120
  • RIM Blackberry 8220 Pearl Flip
  • RIM Blackberry 8230

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