12V / 5Ah UB1250 Sealed Lead Acid Battery with F1 (.187in) Terminals - D5741

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12V / 4.5 - 5Ah Sealed Lead Acid Battery with F1 (.187in) Terminals - D5741

These sealed lead acid batteries are high-quality, deep-discharge recovery batteries. Commonly used in home alarm systems.

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Chemistry: Sealed Lead Acid
Color: Black
mAh: 4500
Product Height: 4.21 in
Product Length: 3.54 in
Product Width: 2.76 in
Voltage: 12
Warranty: 1 Year Warranty

Fits Into

  • ACME Security System 602
  • ACME Security System AL6/12
  • ACME Security System ALTV248
  • ACME Security System BPS
  • ACME Security System EP1245
  • ACME Security System RB12V4
  • ACME Security System SDC602
  • ACME Security System TC1245
  • ADI 25309
  • ADI 4110
  • ADI 4110DL
  • ADI 4110XM
  • ADI BP412
  • ADI PWPS1242
  • ADI Vista 10SE
  • ADT DSC PC1555
  • ADT Safewatch Pro 2000
  • ADT Security Alarm 804302
  • ADT Security Alarm Safewatch Pro 3000
  • ADT Security Alarm Safewatch Pro 3000EN
  • ADT Security Alarm Security Manager 2000
  • ADT Security Manager 3000
  • ADT Vista 10SE
  • Alarm Lock RBAT4
  • Ansul Alarms A15604
  • CyberPower CP-S375SL
  • Digital Security BD 412
  • Digital Security PC2500
  • Digital Security Power432 - Option 1
  • Digital Security Power632 - Option 1
  • Digital Security Power832 - Option 1
  • Digital Security Power864 - Option 1
  • DSC Alarm System 832
  • DSC Alarm System BD4-12
  • DSC Alarm System DS415
  • DSC Alarm System DSC832
  • DSC Alarm System Exaltor E1250
  • DSC Alarm System PC2500
  • DSC Alarm System Power 832
  • DSC Alarm System PS1240
  • DSC Alarm System RB412
  • DSC Alarm System SB1240
  • DSC Alarm System Ultratech UT1240
  • GE Security Alarm Caddx/NetworX NX-4 - 12v 5ah
  • GE Security Alarm Caddx/NetworX NX-6 - 12v 5ah
  • GE Security Alarm Caddx/NetworX NX-8 - 12v 5ah
  • GE Security Alarm Caddx/NetworX NX-8E - 12v 5ah
  • Innovonics Alarm BAT602
  • Innovonics Alarm C2020
  • Napco Alarms GEM-P816 - 12v 4ah
  • Napco Alarms MA1000E4LB
  • Napco Alarms MA1000E4LB PAK
  • Napco Alarms MA1008E
  • Napco Alarms MA1008LKDL
  • Napco Alarms MA1016E
  • Napco Alarms MA1016LKDL
  • Napco Alarms RBAT4
  • Newmox Home Alarm
  • Potter Electric BT-40
  • Powerware Eaton 3105
  • Tripplite 450VA
  • Yuasa 23-289