Laptop Battery Maintenance Tips

There are many ways to prolong the amount of life in laptop batteries. However, there is also a lot of conflicting information on this topic. Some will advise you to allow the battery to completely lose its charge before plugging it in, while others will argue that this practice is harmful to the battery's life. The answer actually depends on what type of technology your laptop batteries use.

Take a look at this infographic to find out which parts of your laptop batteries are being used under a variety of circumstances; the settings you can change to use less of your battery's energy; and how culprits, like even a little bit of water, can affect your battery. There's more information as well when it comes to conserving and protecting your laptop battery. For example, do you know how much energy you're draining by having extra gadgets and tools plugged into your laptop battery or the consequences of carrying a "sleeping" or "hibernating" laptop in your bag? Use this guide to make sure you're lengthening the life of your laptop batteries.