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Laptop Computer Batteries and AccessoriesYour laptop gives you more power than a smartphone, and more portability than a desktop – meaning it needs an equally strong battery to get the job done. That's why we stock all major laptop battery types – factory model batteries, as well as replacement batteries that can help extend the life of your laptop computer. We also understand that you need power and accessibility wherever you go – we have a variety of chargers, laptop bags and other accessories to keep your devices fully powered under any circumstances, whether they're Macbooks, laptops or notebooks. Even if you just need a new USB mouse, or a high capacity thumb drive, we've got you covered – check out our full range of computer peripherals.

When your battery is functioning less than optimally, it can affect the performance of your computer on every level. We'll tell you how to figure out which laptop computer battery to buy, and how to ensure that it lasts as long and stays as strong as possible.

1. Know Your Laptop Brand and Model:

You may already know that you have a Dell Inspiron or Sony Vaio laptop, but knowing the precise model number can significantly decrease the time it takes to find your replacement battery.

Often, the model number will be printed right on the laptop or possibly displayed in a label on the bottom of your laptop. The laptop model information may also be printed on the inside of your battery compartment. 

Power down your laptop first, unplug the power adapter, and open the battery compartment to check for model information.

2. Know Your Battery Model Number & Find it Online:

If you can't find the make and model of your laptop, the battery itself will often have a model number on it as well.

This can sometimes be the quickest way to locate your battery online. offers a fast and convenient search process. Our "smart" search bar is located at the top of our site.

Simply start typing typing the model number, brand, or name associated with the battery that you need and we will return your results immediately. It's the fastest way to get all of your battery needs! 

Many online Battery stores may also offer alternative replacement laptop batteries or a Factory OEM battery, giving you more options to choose from. Searching for a Toshiba Battery model may help you find compatible batteries that are more affordable.

3. Verify Before you Buy:

It's always a good idea to look closely at the images of the battery you are about to purchase. If the battery connector doesn't look like the same connector on your current battery, this may not be the right one. If for some reason you don't have the old battery anymore or if you have already recycled the battery, you can always check the connectors on the back of the laptop itself to see if they match the battery you are about to buy.

Once again, look at the back of your laptop, in the example graphic above, we've included a Dell Latitude D600 Laptop. When inspecting your laptop, be sure to look at the compartment where the battery would fit (labeled Battery Connector). If your new battery is shaped differently, has a different connection slot, or simply doesn't look like it will fit, it's time to contact the website call center to see if they can verify whether the battery is correct or not.

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