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Replacing the battery in your cordless phone is relatively easy to do when you have the information you need! For starters, your owner's manual should have the brand and model number on the front cover. If you don't have your owner's manual then almost every cordless phone has a manufacturer's label on the bottom end of the handset. This label should have the brand and model number on it. If you do not see a label there, check on the underside of the base unit. If you can't find the label in either of those places, check inside the handset's battery compartment.

Most cordless phone batteries from major manufacturers use standardized part numbers. Here are sample part numbers from the major brands:

Panasonic: P-P123, HHR-P123
AT&T: 1234 (4 digit number)
GE: 5-1234
Sony: BP-T12
Uniden: BP-123
V-Tech: 80-1234-00-00


Once you know the name or number of the battery you need, simply type that information into our search bar located at the top of our site. offers the fastest and simplest way to get the exact cordless phone battery you need. As soon as you start typing in your product details, your results will return below the search bar. It's a quick and fool proof way to find the battery you need.

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