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If your device doesn't hold a charge, it's most likely the battery. The easiest way to find out which battery you need is to type in your battery or device model number into our SEARCH box above. You may need to press "Enter/Return" to see full results.


  • Vacuum Battery EBVB-101 For ROOMBA 500 14.4V 3000MAH NIMH
  • Vacuum Battery VAC-XB2700 Replaces Euro-Pro - XB2700
  • Exell Vacuum Battery For ROOMBA 400 14.4V 3000MAH NIMH fits 4120 4130
  • Vacuum Battery EBVB-106 For DYSON DC31/DC35C 22.2V 1500MAH LI-ION
  • Vacuum Battery EBVB-102 For SCOOBA 5900 14.4V 3500MAH NIMH Fits 300
  • Vacuum Battery EBVB-104 for Dyson DC16 Root Replaces BP01 12097
  • Vacuum Battery EBVB-1917 Fits Shark Cordless Sweeper AP1172, V1917
  • Vacuum Battery VAC-400NMH-33 Replaces iRobot - 25247006
  • Vacuum Battery VAC-SMC10 Replaces OZRoll - 15.200.001
  • Vacuum Battery EBVB-110 For SHARK V1950 7.2V 2500MAH NIMH SharkXB1918
  • Vacuum Battery EBV-V1930 for Shark V1700Z V1930 Replaces X1725QN
  • Vacuum Battery EBV-V1950 for Shark V1950 VX3 XB1918
  • Vacuum Battery EBVB-103 For SAMBA XR210 14.4V 2500MAH NIMH
  • Vacuum Battery EBVB-105 For DYSON DC30 14.4V 1500MAH LI-ION 917083-02
  • Vacuum Battery EBVB-107 For SHARK 800 Fits Shark SV800
  • Vacuum Battery EBVB-108 For SHARK V1930 fits SharkV1930
  • Vacuum Battery EBVB-109 For SHARK V1911 6.0V 2500MAH NIMH SharkXB1916
  • Vacuum Battery EBVB-111 For EURO PRO SV70 fits XB14726
  • Vacuum Battery For EBVB-112 KARCHER RC3000 fits VSR8000
  • Vacuum Battery VAC-230NMH-15 Replaces iRobot - Scooba 230
  • Vacuum Battery VAC-400NMH-2 Replaces iRobot - 4905
  • Vacuum Battery VAC-500NMH-33 Replaces iRobot - 53847243
  • Vacuum Battery VAC-5900NMH-35 Replaces iRobot - 5929
  • Vacuum Battery VAC-DC16 Replaces Dyson - 912433-01
  • Vacuum Battery VAC-DC30 Replaces Dyson - 17083-4810
  • Vacuum Battery VAC-DC31 Replaces Dyson - 17083-2811
  • Vacuum Battery VAC-HC400 Replaces Black & Decker - 520102
  • Vacuum Battery VAC-LOOJ-33 Replaces iRobot - 13501
  • Vacuum Battery VAC-M3120 Replaces Dirt Devil - 0030013
  • Vacuum Battery VAC-RC3000NMH Replaces Karcher - 2.891-029.0

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AA & AAA Camera: Primary Lithium Cordless Phone CR123 Keyless Entry & Watch Laptop

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