Ultralast Solar Lighting Size 14430 Li-FePO Batteries 2 Pack - DAUL14430SL2P

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Shine a light on your path with these rechargeable solar walkway light batteries.


  • Dependable Lithium Phosphate chemistry.
  • Lighter weight and longer lasting than NiCd batteries.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Good up for up to 2000 charge cycles.

Works with these solar lights:
  • Smith and Hawken
  • Hampton Bay
  • Yards and Beyond

NOTE:This battery is not intended to replace any standard AA battery. It is shorter in size and is nearly twice the voltage of an alkaline or rechargeable AA battery. Using this battery to replace a standard AA battery may damage your device. Please check carefully before purchasing.


Chemistry: Li-FePO4
mAh: 400
Product Diameter: .55 in
Product Length: 1.70 in
Voltage: 3.2
Warranty: 45 Days

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