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Silver Oxide (SR) and Alkaline batteries (LR) are commonly used in watches, clocks, timers, calculators, laser pointers, toys, and LED "blinkies". Batteries that meet the IEC 60086-3 standards for watch batteries carry a "W" suffix. The functional differences between silver oxide and alkaline are:

  1. Silver oxide batteries have a 50% - 100% greater capacity, meaning they last up to twice as long as alkaline batteries.
  2. Silver oxide has a relatively slow declining voltage during discharge compared to alkaline, which is preferable for light meters used in cameras and digital calipers. Silver oxide provides 1.55 volts, while alkaline provides 1.5 volts.
  3. Silver oxide batteries have superior leakage resistance, meaning they're more corrosion resistant.

SR48 silver oxide batteries can be used to replace the following:AG5/SG5, LR48, L750, and 193/309/393 batteries. All have dimensions of 7.9 mm diameter and 5.4 mm height. The alkaline varieties have an mAh of 52 and the silver oxide varieties have an mAh of 70.

    • Renata 393 Silver Oxide Button Cell Battery multi pack 10 count
    • Renata 393 Silver Oxide Button Cell Battery
    • 10pk Exell EB-SR754 Silver Oxide 1.55V Watch Battery Replaces SR48 393
    • Renata 309 Silver Oxide Button Cell Batteries multi pack 10 count
    • Renata 309 Silver Oxide Button Cell Battery

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