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Silver Oxide (SR) batteries are commonly used in watches, clocks, timers, calculators, laser pointers, toys, and LED "blinkies." Coin cell battery types that have an SR prefix provide 1.55 volts, have a 50% - 100% greater capacity than alkaline (LR) batteries, and have a relatively slowly declining voltage during discharge.

The use of silver oxide batteries is preferable in photographic light meters and digital calipers. Silver oxide batteries also have superior leakage resistance, whereas alkaline will corrode over time and should not be left in a device for extended periods. Batteries that meet the international IEC 60086-3 standards for watch batteries carry a "W" suffix. With Silver Oxide batteries, there can be a different suffix for the same battery, SR1130W and a SR1130SW for example. The ¨SW¨ refers to use in low drain devices and the ¨W¨ refers to high drain devices.  

SR44 silver oxide batteries can be used to replace the following:

AG9/SG9, LR45, 194/394, and 6135-99-782-4675 (NSN)(S) batteries. All have dimensions of 9.5 mm diameter and 3.6 mm height. The alkaline varieties have mAh 48 and the silver oxide varieties have mAh of 55-70.

  • Energizer 394 Silver Oxide Watch Battery (Energizer 394/380)
  • Renata 394 Silver Oxide Button Cell Battery
  • Renata 394 Silver Oxide Button Cell Battery Multi pack 10 Count
  • Renata 394 Silver Oxide Button Cell Battery Multi pack 100 Count
  • Varta 394 Electronic Silver Oxide Button Cell Battery in Pill Box





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