SR41 silver oxide batteries are longer lasting and more corrosion resistant than alkaline batteries, with 50% to 100% more capacity and a slightly higher voltage. To find out more about which battery to use for your watch, calculator, laser pointer, toy or LED light, reference the Coin Cell Battery Buyer's Guide

The most common name for this battery is SR41. However, it is interchangeable with the following list. All have dimensions of 7.9 mm diameter, 3.6 mm height, 1.55 voltage and have an mAh of 38-45.

10 L 125/D 384, 10 L 125/D 392, 1134SO, 192, 247, 247 B, 247B, 280-13, 280-18, 384, 392, 392A, 392BP, R384, 547, 736, 92A, D384, D384/392, D392, G3A, GP192, GS3, K, L736, LR41, LR736, R 384/10, R 392/2, RW 37, RW 47, S22, S736S, SB-A1/D1, SB-B1, SP384, SR 41, SR 41 SW, SR 41 W, SR41, SR415W, SR41SW, SR41W, SR41W/SW, SR736, SR736SW, SR736W, TR41SW, V36A, V384, V392.