UPG UB6120 6120 6V / 12Ah Sealed Lead Acid Battery with F1 (3/16" or 0.187") Terminals -D5736

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A lot of sealed lead acid batteries sold online have been sitting in a warehouse, self-discharging, for years. If the capacity loss due to self-discharge isn't compensated for by periodic recharging (every 3-6 months), the battery capacity may become unrecoverable. We ship our sealed lead acid batteries directly from the manufacturer. This guarantees you a fresh battery with full capacity every time.

These sealed lead acid batteries are high-quality, deep-discharge recovery batteries. Their sealed, maintenance-free, easy handling and economical qualities make these long lasting units perfect for your high-tech use.

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These unique batteries are used in a variety of applications such as computer systems, exit signs, emergency lighting, scooters, industrial/medical equipment, and wheelchairs. These batteries are also ideal for solar applications, UPS Backup, and medical mobility! This specific battery is classified as an AGM battery or Absorbent Glass Mat, using technology that assures superior battery performance. AGM batteries are valve-regulates, spill proof, and are safely used in any position.

Also called: 6120, 12-631, AP-6120F1, BP10-6, BP12-6, BP8-6, CF6V8, CFM6V10, CP6120-F1, D5736, DG6-10, DJW6-10, DJW6-12, ES12-6, GH6100, GP6110, GP690, GS028, GS32R2, HE6V12.7, JC6100, LC-R0612P, LCR6V10BP, LCR6V12P, LP6-10 T1, LP6-12 T1, LP6-12-T1, NP10-6, NPX50, PC6100, PE-6V1, PE6V10 F1, PE6V12 F1, PK6120, PS-6100, PS-6100-F1, PX06120, RIT-RT6120, SLA-10-6, SLA0953, SLA1271, SP6-12-T1, TP6-10, TP6-12, UB6120, WP10-6, WP12-6S, UB6120F1, 6120F1, 860.0010, Universal Battery UB6120 F1, 

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  • This battery has F1 Terminals - also called 3/8 terminals, number 187 terminals, or .187 terminals - because the width of each terminal is 3/16" (0.187").
  • One of the top batteries used for emergency lighting


Chemistry: Sealed Lead Acid
Color: Black
Voltage: 6
mAh: 12000 (12 Ah)
Terminal: F1 (3/16" or 0.186" wide tabs)
Product Height: 3.82 inches
Product Length: 5.94 inches
Product Width: 1.94 inches
Weight: 5 pounds
Warranty: 1 Year Warranty

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